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Curiously Cautious?
Arms looks like an oddly unique and yet very fun game to play, and I'm definitely going to pick this up. Though I gotta admit, I do feel somewhat uncertain about the longevity of Arms. Unless the gameplay is super addicting, and the motion controls are very accurate, I don't know how long I'll enjoy this game for. 

Hopefully forever, as it's one of my many wishlisted items.
Yeah, i'm excited for this too. Smile it looks so fun. Smile but i am worried about the amount of content in this game. Sad i'm afraid what we saw on the treehouse live was most of the content.  Sad which is way too little.  If that's all, then i won't like paying $60 for something that might just feel more like a mini game. Sad so i'm hoping it's more like ssb where it has loads of content to play. Smile or at least like super punchout where it has a lot of unique characters. Smile (hopefully a lot to play as too)

P.s. this game has been reported to be able to use traditional controls in case you don't like motion controls.Smile

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