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LA Noire - Switch? Is it worth it?

So I recently picked up LA Noire for xmas for myself, and started playing it last night. I owned the original Xbox 360 version way back in the day but never got around to finishing it. Now that I have it on the Switch, I'm reminded by just how awesome this game is. The fact I can now take it anywhere is also a huge deal to me.

My biggest complaint though is the switch tax. I'm in Canada, and had to pay out $65 for the game, instead of the usual $50 that you can buy it at for PS4 and XONE. Then to make matters worse you also have to download half the game to your Switch, and considering how slow Nintendo's network is, this took me several hours. On PC, PS4, and XONE, it would take me less than 10 minutes to download 15GB of data. On Switch it took over three hours. I mean, it's kinda bullshit. It also ended up using half my total storage.

All in all though, I'd say it's worth it. The game's fantastic, and it looks great on the Switch. It's not the best looking game out there, and the frame rate is at times rather shit. But it's still a great game all the same.

What about you though? Do you like LA Noire on the Switch?

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