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About & Rules

Welcome to Switch Yo! We're an online forum and social community for all things Switch.  If you haven't already, be sure to register for a free Switch Yo! account, and share your Friend Code with our community!



These rules are here to keep you safe while browsing and socializing with our community. If you are caught breaking one of them, your account may be subject to a ban, and all of your contributions here (including friend codes) may be deleted. So play nice, be safe, and follow these simple rules.

  1. Never share any personally identifiable information with another Switch Yo member. This includes things like your phone number, home address, social media accounts, email addresses, passwords, and anything else that could be used to contact you outside of our community.
  2. Advertising is strictly not allowed. This includes posting links to third party websites that you are a part of, such as to your YouTube channel, instagram, or to your personal blog. (if you wish to advertise on Switch Yo through official channels, you can do so here - https://sidular.com/advertise)
  3. Keep things civil. Harassment of another member of our community will not be tolerated.

Also do try to keep in mind that Switch Yo is a community for all ages. Content that isn't suitable for children will be removed.